When we come across headlines and tabloids of celebrity nudes getting leaked, we aren’t surprised anymore. Why? Well, it’s because it keeps repeatedly happening with different celebs. At this point, we are all just waiting for another celebrity’s nude to get leaked. It’s not us wishing something negative for them but more of a pattern that we see today for these big-shot peeps.

But to be brutally honest, we don’t mind it, and I’m speaking for the majority of the people here. You don’t have to verbally say it, but we all know deep down that it’s true. Because who wouldn’t mind seeing sexy nudes of their favorite celebs, right? Do you actually remember the time the breathtaking Chris Evans accidentally revealed his nudes on Instagram while he was trying to show something else?

Well, you best believe that the marvel fans, especially women, were going crazy all over the world because how can you resist Chris Evans? But these leaked nudes get taken down immediately before the entire world sees them. If you are one of those people who haven’t seen one of any celebrities yet, then you are here in the right place. You don’t have to tirelessly google them anymore because we have them in our collection.

How Did It Start?

Let us start by recalling the time when Jennifer’s Lawrence nudes suddenly surfaced on Twitter. The whole world started sharing it, which was quite unfortunate for the actress, but it was many years ago. Also, iCloud was successfully hacked back on 31st August 2014, which caused the nudes leakage of numerous celebrities. All the naked photos were released on the web, and this event came to be known as ‘The Fappening.’

In recent years, famous celebrity nude blogs such as ThotHub were taken down, and numerous Fappening hackers were also jailed. The celebs also began legal proceedings against sites such as PornHub who were permitting such content to be shown on their site. Plus, a smart hacker living in Pennsylvania successfully implemented a phishing scheme back in 2016 for garnering access to multiple celebrities’ phones. The hacker sent emails to many people, which also included megastars.

He sent the email under the claim he was from Google.com and Apple.com. Every celebrity was asked to enter their login credentials, which the hacker used for successfully accessing their iCloud accounts. It allowed him to have access to every personal photo and video. The majority of these celebs had pictures of them with topless boobs shots, hot video shows, and booty pictures. We really envy the hacker because he must have seen everything first hand. Some of these celebs were Rihanna, Nikki Bella, Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Kaley Cuoco. What’s New With Fappening?

Celebrities are still facing a lot of issues because the hackers just don’t seem to stop. Their nudes are still getting leaked, and they can’t do much about it. You will see their private naked videos and selfies all over the internet. Plus, many websites have emerged today, and such sites help fans to enjoy the nudes of their favorite celebs. These sites tend to research and collect celebrity nudes for the future. Such websites are shady for doing that, but they also depend on it for getting their coins.

We can all agree to the fact that it would be a dream to see your favorite celeb wearing nothing. However, it’s only fair and appropriate when the celeb gives his/her consent. If you use Instagram, then you will be aware of OnlyFans. Here, it’s not just the public figures, social influencers, models, and pornstars that share nude photos of themselves. But even a great number of celebrities also choose to do it. OnlyFans is responsible for making a lot of people rich and attains overnight success.

But back to the Fappening event, how the naked pictures got leaked still remains a mystery. The hacker responsible for discovering the pictures made claims that he didn’t engage in distributing the nudes. It is sad, but we will never truly know what and how everything actually transpired. But here’s the truth; even if the celebs were extremely upset about their nudes getting leaked, the general audience doesn’t seem to mind at all.

The general public is getting to see and enjoy all the sexy snaps that have taken over the internet. A great portion of the American public is grateful for what went down because they have always dreamed about seeing all the goodies present underneath. Also, the hacker who has caused all the mayhem has completely disappeared from all social media. The world doesn’t know where he is today. It’s like he chose to fade into total oblivion by himself. His last post was back in March of 2016. No one has heard from him ever since that day.

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