If you have heard about SnapFuck and wish to know if it’s actually legit or a scam, then continue reading this review. Nowadays, there are many adult websites that allows you to meet and connect with people from different cities, states, and countries. These adult apps help you find people in the area and engage in sexting or physical intimacy. One of those sites is SnapFuck, which has taken inspiration from Snapchat.

On SnapFuck, you get to meet a lot of like-minded folks who are not interested in any romantic commitments. Every user is in there just to have fun virtually or in person. SnapFuck isn’t your regular dating website. You don’t sign up on SnapFuck to meet and pursue relationships or casual dates. You get on SnapFuck to engage in phone sex or sexual intercourse.

Every member can find their preferred types and begin sexting with one another instantly. You can choose to send both explicit and decent selfies. Users can engage in sexting without having to worry because SnapFuck is end-to-end encrypted. All of your photos and information will remain safe on there. If you find someone sexually attractive near you, then you can even meet up for sex instead of sexting.

Snap Fuck First Impression

Most people would have the preconceived notion that SnapFuck is going to look exactly like Snapchat, but they are wrong. The appearance of SnapFuck is nowhere close to Snapchat. When it comes to the logo, Snapchat is known for its iconic yellow tone. However, SnapFuck possesses a simple colour scheme of blue and purple. For starters, we found SnapFuck to be very basic and can fall under the “Generic” section for most people. But it all comes down to the users’ personal liking, so we can’t say if it will be worth the shot.

</h2>SnapFuck Key Features</h2>

SnapFuck has a decent design and is very user-friendly. You can compare its design and usability to most social media websites. The navigation links of SnapFuck are totally readable and understandable. SnapFuck also has customer support that helps correct technical issues that users face from time to time.

The platform allows you to make a free account. You just need to insert your mandatory information, and you will be good to go. The registration process stood out to us because of how quick it took to complete. After you finish verifying your email ID, you can continue to set your full profile and start messaging people on there.

You should also make it a priority to insert a good bio. By adding something of yourself, the viewers will get to know more about you and what you are looking for on the site. In this way, you can successfully attract the users of your preference. Keeping your bio blank will drive away a lot of users, so ensure that you don’t leave it blank at all.

Once you finish creating your account and profile, you will instantly receive some texts from girls. But don’t get too excited because these messages are all coming from fake profiles. Remember that every adult dating site has such profiles. However, don’t let it discourage you because there are many real profiles too. You can differentiate the fake from the real by their empty bio and suspicious names and messages.

Whenever you find someone that you like, you can contact them by resorting to sexting, using emojis or sexy images. You also have control over how long your photo will last until it expires. If you are a shy person who has trouble initiating texts, then you can send greetings or winks instead.

SnapFuck Membership

Unless and until you switch your account to the Gold Membership package, you will have limitations in the number of photos that you can send. We have listed down the different membership plans below:

  • For a 3-Day trial, you will need to pay $5.83.

  • For a Month subscription, you will have to pay $34.95.

  • For a 6-Month subscription, you will need to pay about $69.92

We think the 6-Month subscription is the most lucrative one since it’s great value for money. However, the 3-Day trial for a sum of $5.83 is just shady as heck. Why? Well, because you won’t be able to message properly and get to fully enjoy and understand what the website is all about. Also, not every user may respond to you during that time period. It’s sad that the new users can’t have access to a free trial too.

The Pros & Cons of SnapFuck

To better understand the Snap Fuck, let us point out its pros and cons:

The Pros

  • The userbase of SnapFuck is what catches our attention the most. Yes, there’s no denying that fake profiles are prevalent on this site. But there are a ton of real users too. It definitely makes things easier for you to find someone for sexting or hookup.

  • Another notable aspect of SnapFuck would be its picture feature. It permits you to upload just about any picture without restrictions. Your pictures can get super filthy, and you even have the option of censoring any private areas with emojis. You can even tease the recipient and general viewers with your photos.

The Cons

  • If there’s one thing that frustrates every user would be a fake profile. And SnapFuck has a lot of them lurking around. But we can’t really do much about it since social media, in general, is home to fake profiles. So, make sure to ask the person you are talking to for proof. Avoid sending anything unless you know the person is genuine and not a catfish.
  • The price plans for becoming a premium membership are just distasteful. There are other adult sites that offer a lot more features and benefits for a cheaper price tag or even free.

Is SnapFuck For You?

SnapFuck does provide a decent number of users but getting laid on there may not be the easiest. You have to chat long enough if you want physical intimacy. But sexting is easier compared to hookup on SnapFuck. We believe that Snapchat is much better when it comes to sexting and potential hookups. But SnapFuck allows you to find people near you, so it’s a precarious situation. Just be cautious of fake profiles and be ready to spend some money to enjoy its full experience.