Casual hookups are fun, exciting, and a great way to meet those sexual needs without having any attachments or emotional investments. With large communities of casual sex seekers on dating sites and free sex apps it is easier than ever to meet casual partners and have a fling with no strings attached. While these platforms of course attract horny, free-spirited people there are still some ways that people manage to screw up their chances of hooking up. Little mistakes can ruin your chance of getting laid. We’ll share some common mistakes that can make the difference between a free local fuck or your hand again.

Being Too Desperate

One of the major dilemmas with guys on dating sites or hookup apps is deciding exactly how much interest to show. Should you be absolutely reluctant and wait for her to initiate chatting or sexting every time? No, that will make her think that you are not interested. Should you constantly ping her and pressure her to meet n fuck? No, desperation is a turn-off for most and it can come off creepy and pushy. So, what level of interest and interaction is just right? Somewhere in the middle actually. You need not irritate her or look too pushy all the time. Alongside giving her space and time, make sure to communicate frequently. Make it clear that you are down for a new fuck buddy, but don’t make it seem like you’re desperate to get laid (even if you are).

Not Sexting

Sex chatting or sexting is the first step towards meeting for a hookup. If you are not doing it, you are not getting it. Sex chatting will make you two comfortable around each other and set the stage for a casual hookup. Also, while sexting, make sure to present the idea of hooking up. Keep it in the context, but always use your sex chat as a build up for the eventual main event.

Not Setting Up Your Adult Dating Profile

“It’s a dating app, who would check a profile”. There… there goes your dream of hooking up! A dating or hookup app is nothing different than a social media app. You are meeting new people, just with a specific intention. Accordingly, you should put effort into setting up your casual dating profile. This is the first place where potential fuck buddies are landing. Lack of description, no pictures or content, or grammatically wrong writing may give a negative impression in their minds or make your profile look inactive. Don’t risk that! There would be nothing worse than a horny local girl in your area being interested in your profile only to think that you were no longer active.

Being Rude To Potential Casual Sex Partners

Even if hookup apps are all about dirty, naughty adult fun, this doesn’t mean that respect and manners go out the window. For some reason when some people engage in sex chat or pursuing casual hookups they make the mistake of being a jerk. Don’t be the guy that misses out on a hook up by being rude. Even if you don’t click with someone or they decide they don’t want to meet for a local hookup, always be respectful. Respect is the foundation of healthy hookup culture.

Not Keeping It Casual

They key word in casual sex is “casual.” Don’t try to get to personal with your fuck buddy. At the end of the day it is all about the hookup for both parties. If you pry into personal life, work, or family affairs there is a good chance that will make a potential casual hookup buddy think you are looking for something more than just a hookup. So maintain casual dating privacy.

Being Ignorant About Consent

Last but not least, consent rules over it all. If hookup buddy seems hesitant, try to remove her hesitation and make her comfortable but never, repeat, never force anything upon anyone. Always respect boundaries and don’t pursue casual sex without consent. Safety and privacy are paramount in the online hookup world.

There you have it. Avoid these 6 common mistakes and make sure that you aren’t getting in the way of your casual sex adventures.