Casual dating is fun and exciting, but it isn’t something you necessarily want the whole world to know about. In the case of affair dating, you definitely don’t want your significant other to know your casual sex escapades. When you’re juggling fuck buddies and using free sex apps and local fuck sites to meet new casual sex partners, privacy is paramount.

However, keeping your online casual dating a secret can be a bit tricky as technology is constantly supervising you. We will cover some tips to keep your sexcapades under wraps so you can keep having casual hookups without any worries.

Only Log In To Your Sex App

Do you have the habit of “logging in” on Google or Facebook all the time? Well, you’ve got to change that. Once you check into one app, it automatically integrates across all the online accounts and someone with access can easily view your activity. Keep all your sex dates a secret by making sure you’re not logged into any other accounts when searching for a new fuck buddy.

Keep Your Mobile Location Turned Off

So, you have not manually logged in, but today’s advanced technology doesn’t want you to do everything on your own. We love it when our phone automatically traces our location to show nearby restaurants, connect to free wifi in the surroundings, show push notification based on geofencing technology and so on. When this same technology is running on autopilot unbeknownst to a user it can have an adverse impact. Though you may not have manually checked in to a location, your phone can trace it and automatically check-in.

Prevent your phone from recording your location, all you need is to keep your mobile location turned off. Then there is no threat of anyone being able to view your location based on your phone.

Social Media Accounts Can Expose Your Casual Dating Life

Social media profiles are a real spoiler. It can totally ruin your efforts. Especially if you have a dominating partner, they may want you to put up your current status or upload pictures with her. One way to resist this is not having a social media account. Now, you may think how is it possible for anyone in the 21st century to not have a social media profile! Fair enough. Can you try opening a false account without revealing your true identity or name? However, you cannot give your profile picture. You may try to keep it private or friends only.

Protect Online Privacy

Make sure that you are always browsing privately and consider using a VPN. All sorts of internet history can be stored otherwise. An easy slip up like looking up an address that you’re not supposed to be at might be easily accessible if you aren’t protecting your online privacy in these way. You would be surprised what type of online footprints you might be leaving behind.

Password protect

If you don’t want your inquisitive relatives, friends, or SO’s to spy on your phone, try protecting your phone with a password. Try finger locking and pattern locking or any other code locking system. Not only that, ensure to lock sensitive apps like file manager, video and photo gallery and of course any apps related to your casual sex exploits with strong passwords to ensure that none can enter.

These little tips and tricks can save you big time. Try these and keeping your online dating a secret won’t be anything difficult.