Affair dating is no longer a hush-hush thing these days as many are indulging in it. Studies reveal that many aspects including troubled married life, unsatisfied sex life, inadequate compatibility, fast-paced lifestyle are all factors giving rise to an increasing number of affairs and adultery these days.

Finding the right person to have that affair with is not so easy. There are a lot of casual relationship mistakes that people make. Some often end up getting involved into a toxic affair while escaping from a toxic relationship itself. This completely messes up their lives. On the other hand, some often end up with a judgmental person and lie about their committed relationship

Online affair dating aims to avoid these potential pitfalls. Affair dating websites and mobile apps are for attached people who are looking for a sexual relationship. There are some big names in this space as well as many smaller and new platforms looking to help affair daters find each other and meet for a secret tryst. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the best affair dating platforms.

Ashley Madison

Right since its launch, Ashley Madison has become one of the top affair dating sites. With millions of members all around the world, you can find your potential partner wherever you are. Also, you need not provide too much details about yourself for signing up, which makes it very easy for non-tech people to register and ideal for casual daters who want to keep their online dating secret.

You can optionally include a photo or leave a blank space so as not to jeopardize your existing relationship. Texting is free for women, but paid for men (sorry!). However, the charge is not too high as the site itself mentions that its motto is to connect lonely and unhappy people. You can also open a chatroom to connect with multiple people. Check out the biggest name in the online affair dating space. Your perfect affair partner may be right there waiting for your message.


The best part about this site is that here the people upload their details, choices, desirable partner (whether of same sex or opposite sex), kinks etc. Therefore you can contact them directly without any hesitation. You know that you are connecting with someone who has similar taste as you have. This is ideal for those who have a frustrated sexual relationship. You can connect to likeminded people through this site. While not only for affair dating, Eros has a large user base of affair daters along with other casual daters and escorts.


Though this site is not exclusive for people who are actively looking for affairs, this is a good choice for you if you are looking for something casual outside of your marriage.

If your relationship has gone stale, you might want to register on this site. On AdultFriendFinder you will have a lot of opportunities to bring some adventure into your monotonous sex life. People on this site are highly sex-driven.

The site doesn’t demand you to input too much info and you can start browsing right away. All you need is to include a username and email for verification. Also, include your sexual orientation if you want to get custom info right away.

This is one of the most liberal adult dating sites on the web. It also allows you to post anything related to nudity and be candid about sex. This site is mostly popular for flings, but you can also expect to meet someone special that lasts for a long time. Since you can be at ease with your sexual preference, you can easily find someone who has similar sexual taste as you have. It has a wide range of men and women’s profiles. AFF also offers premium membership to check out and communicate with highly demanded profiles. If you are on the lookout for a liberated affair dating website, check out AdultFriendFinder.

Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan is yet another fascinating affair dating site. Starting in Europe it has grown to an international user base with a large concentration across Europe. If you are not worried about cheating on your spouse, feel free to sign up here. The site takes care of your confidentiality so you need not worry about any info getting divulged. From sexually open people to mentally supportive ones – you can come across the right partner here. Victoria Milan is specifically for those in attached relationships which adds a layer of comfort for affair daters as they don’t need to fear not being on the same page as the person they are connecting with.

Try Affair Dating

The best part about these sites is that none will judge you for being what you are. Unlike the social media profiles where diverse minded people come, you can find like-minded people on these sites. Namely people that share the same views and ideas about having extramarital affairs. On these platforms every is looking for something more than their relationship. So you can easily find the right partner for your own affair. If you are curious about online affair dating, you can’t go wrong with any of the top contenders that we’ve covered. Have fun and play safe!